Azteca Gourmet Tamales
Contact: Lorena Jakubczak
Address: 2378 Academy Pl Colorado Springs, CO, 80909
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Phone: 719-602-9086
About Us
Beautiful Colorado Springs is our home! In 2013, what started out as a personal desire for quality food options for family and friends, has turned into a thriving family-owned business. We take great pride in offering gluten, GMO, lard and preservative free Oaxaca style tamales.

Our savory flavors are wrapped in banana leaf and desserts in corn husk. Each kind is filled with a mix of fresh vegetables, fruits, peppers and sauces. Savory tamales come in three versions vegan, vegetarian and premium meat, no hormones, no antibiotics. We have created a tasteful combination of the American favorite flavors and ancient Mexican tamale.

We cook with locally grown ingredients, corn flour, fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, seasonings and healthy fat free oils. All these ingredients are incorporated to our meals to bring more nutritional value without adding the calories you don't need in your healthy diet.

Our tradition stems from family recipes perfected over generations that now we proudly serve to you, your family and friends. Our tamale menu is based on the classic Oaxaca style cuisine. All our meals are made from scratch and 100% handmade.
All our products are produced at a commercial kitchen located at 2378 Academy Pl. This location has been approved and inspected by the El Paso County Health Department.