Jenny's Haberdashery
Contact: Jennifer Banuelos
Address: 1051 Hathaway Dr Colorado Springs, CO, 80915
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Phone: 719-310-4045
About Us
Hello, I am Jenny, I have my master's degree in Healthcare Management and Administration. I was a surgical assistant and leader in ophthalmology for 23 years. This Spring, I chose to start doing what I love--cooking. I am constantly working on the improvement process in my baking, searching for techniques that assist in taking my skills to the next level. I grew up learning how to cook from scratch, pasta, breads, jams, and sweets. I want to share the fruits of that learning with my patrons.

We hope that our products help to enrich your experience and love of food.

We are going to start some video sessions in our at home kitchen to Pay-It-Forward as it were, so that you are empowered to learn some techniques we would love to pass on. Please join us on the SOCO FB website, and encourage your friends and family to join in the fun. If you could, we would love to have you send a video response when tasting our products, because we feel like we miss out on the feedback of the end result.

Much Obliged,
Jenny's Haberdashery
"We are all about the goo!"

Thank you for your patronage. You can also visit our website for art, prose, and other works from local artisans at
Jenny's Haberdashery provides customers with the best of ingredients and baked goods. We purchase the ingredients from Shamrock, Sawatch Butter, Sprouts, Safeway, and occasionally Walmart. When available, we opt for organic and non-GMO products. Our bread flour is 100% Organic and Non-GMO, for example. We extend every effort to produce exceptional goods. We are a Cottage Act, at home bakery. We are a Colorado Proud vendor.