Bubbling Buddha Soaps
Contact: Kimi Ingham
Address: 5118 Windgate Ct Colorado Springs, CO, 80917
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Phone: 505-440-1490
About Us
My name is Kimi Ingham. I started Bubbling Buddha around three years ago for several reasons. The biggest was to provide my family with effective and safe body products.

We keep Rocky Mountain weather in mind when making our products, including our soaps. Our delectable bars are made with nourishing avocado oil, creamy Shea butter, cleansing coconut oil, and moisture quenching high oleic sunflower oil. We want you to feel clean, but not dry, flaky and tight like some soaps can leave you.

After living in the great state of Colorado for several years, I started to think I may need to get rid of my skin or move out of this state. I preferred staying in this beautiful state AND keeping my skin. When my daughter started to experience irritation and she stopped washing her hands because it hurt, it was game on. I mean, you can't be the child of an obsessive hand washer and stop washing your hands.

I aggressively research my ingredients to provide a balanced, effective, long lasting, and feel good product. The fatty acids I use are meant for weathered Rocky Mountain skin and the fragrances I use are phthalate and paraben free.

I, myself, am extremely tactile, so anything that feels "weird" isn't going to be used much or at all. You'll notice my Body Butter Twists soak in quickly and have minimal greasiness. You'll also notice the lather on my soaps is abundant, creamy, but not drying.

Scents are also very important to me as scents create memories, and memories are able to sooth the soul. The processes I implement sustain the scent in my products and will last throughout your Bubbling Buddha experience.

I use both fragrance and essential oils responsibly. You'll notice that any citrus essential oils are rarely in products that stay on the skin to avoid photoxicity. I also recommend using lavender sparingly on children due to reproductive side effects (particularly in boys). When using fragrance oils, I ensure they are phthalate and paraben free.

Bubbling Buddha's main purpose is to provide effective products with peace of mind.