Black Sheep Pastures
Contact: Brandt Dietz and Alex Rush
Address: 10886 Peyton Hwy Peyton, CO, 80831
Email Address:
Phone: 661-466-6978
About Us
Hi. We are Brandt and Alex.

We enjoy providing high quality nutritious food to you and your family.

We both grew up in southern California, Brandt on a small hobby ranch with cattle and horses. Alex helped her parents with a small garden and a few chickens on an acre of land.

“The Story” of our family farm begins in 2013 with our own family. We are first generation ranchers starting from scratch, everyday is a learning curve. Brandt and I started our journey in agriculture with Frost Livestock where we learned an enormous amount about organic farming. We have since moved to Peyton and now manage a four thousand acre cattle ranch.

We are passionate about raising our children on the highest quality, most nutritious food possible, and also making that food available to our community.

When we say our chickens are “pasture raised” we really mean it. Our animals are never kept in confinement, they forage freely around the large cattle ranch we manage in Peyton and are continuously rotated through the pastures following the cows. On any given day you can see them out in the Colorado sunshine pecking around. We believe that poultry, especially chickens, are crucial to our focus on biodiversity since they naturally fertilize, till and aerate the soil, because of this we are able to maintain organic pastures. Healthy pastures lead to hearty vegetation which generates robust animals and provides healthy, nutritious food for us!
Poultry (chicken, layers, turkeys):
~pasture raised (pastures are non-certified organic)
~no antibiotics
~no corn
~no soy

Lamb and beef are offered occasionally.
~ grass fed, grass finished
~raised on non-certified organic pastures

~grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.