Grains From the Plains
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Address: PO Box 874 Hugo, CO, 80821
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Phone: 719-760-9365
About Us
At Grains From the Plains, we offer our beautiful wheat, millet and peas directly from our farm on the prairie plains of Colorado to you the consumer. We know that you will enjoy using our grains in your cooking and sprouting as much as we have enjoyed growing them for you. Our farm is a family owned and operated multi-generational little farm. We raise pastured pork, grass-fed/ grass-finished beef and small grains all naturally. We are not certified organic but follow organic standards.
Eggs- Our chickens free range and rotationally graze. They supplement their diet with our grains and grain cleanings (cleanings=what is filtered out of grains after harvest [dead bugs, chaff, etc.]) and sprouted grains. No soy or corn ever.

-Whole grains are planted in our farm field. No chemicals ever. We maintain organic processes, but are not certified.

-Flour and farina- produced under CCF act. Freshly ground, 100% whole wheat.