Sunshine Green's Farm
Contact: Pamela Brown
Address: 750 E Platte Ave, #2 Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
Email Address:
Phone: 714-869-4753
About Us
We’re a small, start-up business that sells live Microgreens.We have been growing and selling Microgreens since 2019. Microgreens are a superfood that provides 4-40x the nutrition of a fully grown plant! We decided to sell them live so you can get the full nutritional value of the greens.

Currently we sell and deliver locally within the Colorado Springs, Manitou, Monument, Fountain, and Falcon areas. We currently have over 20 varieties to choose from. We have a range of flavors from sweet microgreens like Corn Shoots to hot spicy Mustard. There is a flavor for everyone.
Mission Statement: To put out more healthy options for those that wish to maximize on their wellness. We do this by offering a variety of Microgreen options that are home-grown in our spare room. Everything is grown naturally with no pesticides. All of our seeds are Non-GMO and are specifically harvested for growing microgreens.