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About Us
Microvora is an indoor farm located south of downtown Colorado Springs, providing the highest-quality gourmet mushrooms, microgreens, and mushroom jerky to restaurants and residents since 2017. All of our produce is grown organically and harvested fresh-to-order. Our mushrooms and microgreens are exploding with flavor and nutritional value, and will stay fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks. Very versatile in cooking/uses, mushrooms and microgreens deliver a strong and delicious addition to any dish. From Roasted Chestnut Avocado Toast, Lion's Mane 'Chicken Breast' Pasta with Pea shoots and Sunflower Sprouts, to Creamy Mushroom Soup topped with Chive & Celery microgreens, we guarantee that you'll have a great time cooking, eating, and living with the health benefits of these super-foods. Thank you for supporting local, we wish you all the best!