Country Lady Foods Company
Contact: Sheila Kraklow
Address: Pueblo St. Pueblo, CO, 81008
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Phone: 719-778-1721
About Us
The Country Lady Foods Company -- is a cottage industry that offers our clients a foolproof way to create quick & easy, great tasting home cooked food by using our dry food mixes, seasoning blends and unique baked goods.

Country Lady Foods takes the guess work out of home cooking. Never again wonder if you have added enough spices, sugar, or flour we've done all the measuring for you.

All of our products are created and made in our home kitchen under the guidelines of the Colorado Cottage Foods Act.

All of our products are made fresh. We do not carry a large supply of dry mixes that sit on a shelf for long periods of time.

Country Lady Mixes are fresh and are easy to use, usually only needing a few simple ingredients from your pantry or refrigerator to complete.

Locally sources as much as possible, we are always on the lookout for local products.

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Generational recipes, unique baked goods, locally sourced as much as possible.